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Articulation and Evaluation is a division of Enrollment Management that evaluates transfer credit, maintains program articulation and the course equivalency tables for the domestic as well as the international transfer student. If you are a new student we receive your college level transfer work, calculate grade point average and post your hours to the student information system so that Undergraduate Admissions can make a decision about your application for admission in a timely manner.  Once you have been admitted one of our evaluators will complete an evaluation of your transfer work so that your academic advisor has the information needed to develop your academic plan and provide advisement for registration.

Program articulation and course equivalencies are agreements that SIUC has formalized with educational partners in Illinois, the nation and the world.  If you are already an SIUC student and you want to take a course at another institution and transfer that credit to SIUC, our equivalency table can help you make the correct choice.  The equivalency tables are updated overnight directly from daily updates made to the student information system so they are always current.  Program articulations are formal agreements between the degree or certificate programs at the community college and the baccalaureate programs of SIUC.  These agreements are very helpful in identifying a prescribed academic plan that includes the associate level work so that your transfer is as efficient as possible.