CAPP and Degree Audit

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Every degree offered at Southern has institutional requirements for residency, senior hours, UCC (University Core Curriculum) and grade point average as well as those requirements needed to satisfy the academic program, or major.  Degree audit helps you to stay informed about your academic progress.

CAPP (Curriculum, Advisement, and Program Planning) is the student information system (Banner) application that provides what we refer to as degree audit for students and advisors to check progress toward an academic goal (degree) against the program requirements.  Program requirements that appear in the undergraduate catalog along with course definitions are used to guide the degree audit function as it applies to the individual student. You can run a degree audit against your academic record from SalukiNet.

The office of Articulation and Evaluation is responsible for maintaining the CAPP system through the maintenance of the master course file and program requirements provided by the academic unit and institutional requirements as defined by the Board of Trustees and Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE).