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AA General BS Accounting (ACCT)

AA General BS Accounting (ACCT) ONLINE

AA General  BS Business Analytics (BSAN)

AA General  BS Business & Administration (BNAD) ONLINE

AA General  BS Exercise Science (ES)

AA General  BS Finance (FIN)

AA General  BS Management (MGMT)

AA General  BS Marketing (MKTG)

AA Health Education BS Health Education (HED) non-certification

AA Kinesiology BS Exercise Science (ES)

AA Special Education  BS Special Education (SPED)

AAS Accounting BS Accounting (ACCT) 

AAS Accounting BS Accounting (ACCT) ONLINE

AAS Business Administration - E-Marketing  BS Marketing (MKTG)

AAS Business Administration - Financial Management  BS Finance (FIN)

AAS Business Administration - Management  BS Management (MGMT)

AAS Computers in Business - Database Management BS Information Systems Technologies (IST)

AAS Computers in Business - Management Information Systems BS Information Systems Technologies (IST)

AAS Emergency and Disaster Management BS Public Safety Management (PSM)

AAS Emergency Medical Services BS Public Safety Management (PSM)

AAS Fashion Merchandising → BS Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) Fashion Merchandising specialization

AAS Fire Science Technology BS Public Safety Management (PSM)

AAS General  BS Technical Resource Management (TRM)

 AAS Health Information Technology BS Health Care Management (HCM)

AAS Hospitality Management BS Hospitality and Tourism Administration (HTA)

AAS Hospitality Management - Food Service  BS Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management (HTEM)

AAS Hospitality Management - Hotel Operations  BS Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management (HTEM)

AAS Manufacturing Technology BS Industrial Management and Applied Engineering (IMAE)

AAS Paralegal Studies → BS Paralegal Studies (PLST)

AAS Supply Chain Management → BS Technical Resource Management (TRM)

AS General BS Accounting (ACCT) 

AS General  BS Business Analytics (BSAN)

AS General  BS Finance (FIN)

AS General  BS Management (MGMT)

AS General  BS Marketing (MKTG)


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