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Southern Illinois University awards credit for satisfactory performance on both the General Examinations and the Subject Exami­nations developed and administered through the College Level Examination Program Board ( The General Examinations cover comprehensive content of a study which would be covered by several introductory-level courses, while the Subject Examinations cover more specific content of a single college-level course.

These exams allow students who have acquired knowledge outside the traditional classroom setting - through independent study, on-the-job training, or cultural inquiry - to gain recognition of mastering college-level material by receiving introductory course credit.

Through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) students may apply for credit, which may substitute for one or more SIU courses. Listed below are the minimum required scores and the credit awarded for each CLEP exam. The exams listed below have been reviewed for transfer credit.

CLEP Exam transcripts may be ordered here.

CLEP Exam scores should be sent to:

Articulation & Evaluation
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Student Services Building 0382, Mailcode 4725
1263 Lincoln Drive
Carbondale, IL 62901


Exam Title


Course Equivalent

UCC Category


General CLEP Exams

Natural Science 52 UCC Science Group 1 (3) and UCC Science Group 2 (3) Life Science and Physical Science 6
Social Sciences and History 52 UCC Social Science Social Science 6
Humanities 52 UCC Humanities (3) and UCC Humanities or Fine Arts (3) Humanities and/or Fine Arts 6
College Composition 61 ENGL 102: English Composition II (3) and ENGL 120H: Honors Comp (3) English Composition 6
College Composition 57-61 ENGL 102: English Composition II (3) and placement into ENGL 120H English Composition 3
College Mathematics 58 MATH 101: Intro to Contemporary Math Mathematics 3

Subject CLEP Exams

Composition and Literature        
American Literature 50 ENGL 121: Western Literary Tradition Humanities   3
English Literature 50 ENGL 121: Western Literary Tradition Humanities   3
History and Social Sciences        
American Government 50 POLS 114: Intro to American Politics Social Science 3
History of US I: Early Colonization to 1877 50 General Elective   3
History of US II: 1865 to Present 50 HIST 110: 20th Century America Social Science 3
Human Growth and Development 50 UCC Social Science Social Science 3
Introduction to Educational Psychology Under review
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECON 113: Economics of Contemporary Social Issues Social Science 3
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECON 113: Economics of Contemporary Social Issues Social Science 3
Introductory Psychology 50 PSYC 102: Introduction to Psychology Social Science 3
Introductory Sociology 50 SOC 108: Introduction to Sociology Social Science 3
Western Civilization I 50 HIST 101A: History of World Civilization I Humanities 3
Western Civilization II 50 HIST 101B: History of World Civilization II Humanities 3
Science and Mathematics        
Biology 50 PLB 115: General Biology Life Science   3
Calculus 50 MATH 110: Non-Technical Calculus Mathematics 3
Chemistry 50 CHEM 106: Chemistry and Society Physical Science 3
College Algebra 50 MATH 108: College Algebra Mathematics 3
Precalculus 50 MATH 111: Precalculus Mathematics 3
Financial Accounting 65 ACCT 220: Accounting I Financial   3
Information Systems 50 CS 200B: Computer Concepts or ISAT 229: Computing for Bus Admin   3
Introductory Business Law 50 General Elective 3
Principles of Management 62 MGMT 304: Intro to Management   3
Principles of Marketing 56 MKTG 304: Intro to Marketing   3

Foreign Language CLEP Exams

French   - College Level 1 42/50 FR 123A/FR 123B: Elementary French   6
French - College Level 2 45/59 FR 123A/FR 123B: Elementary French and FR 201A/201B: Intermediate French   12
German - College Level 1 36/50 GER 126A/126B: Elementary German   6
German - College Level 2 42/63 GER 126A/126B: Elementary German and GER 201A/201B: Intermediate German Humanities 12
Spanish - College Level 1 45/50 SPAN 140A/140B: Elementary Spanish   6
Spanish - College Level 2 50/63 SPAN 140A/140B: Elementary Spanish and SPAN 201A/201B: Intermediate Spanish Humanities 12
Foreign Language CLEP Exams require a higher score on the Computer-Based test. All minimum scores are listed as "Paper-Based Required Score/Computer-Based Required Score"