Shawnee Community College

Main Content

AA Criminal Justice → BA Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ)

AA Early Childhood Education → BS Child and Family Services (CFS)

AA English → BA English (ENGL)

AA General → BA Economics (ECON)

AA General → BS Accounting (ACCT)

AA General → BS Accounting (ACCT) ONLINE

AA General → BS Agricultural Systems & Education (AGSE) Agricultural Communications Specialization

AA General → BS Business and Administration (BNAD) ONLINE

AA General → BS Business Analytics (BSAN)

AA General → BS Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS)

AA General → BS Early Childhood Education (ECHD) Preschool/Primary

AA General → BS Elementary Education (ELED)

 AA General → BS Finance (FIN)

AA General → BS Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management (HTEM)

AA General → BS Management (MGMT)

AA General → BS Marketing (MKTG)

AA General → BS Social Work (SOCW)

AA Psychology → BA Psychology (PSYC)

AAS Accounting → BS Accounting (ACCT)

AAS Accounting → BS Accounting (ACCT) ONLINE

AAS Agriculture Business and Management → BS Agribusiness Economics (ABE)

AAS Automotive Technology → BS Automotive Technology (AUT)

AAS Business Management → BS Management (MGMT)

AAS Computer System & Security Specialist → BS Information Systems Technologies (ITEC)

AAS Construction Management of Laborers → BS Technical Resource Management (TRM)

AAS Fish & Wildlife Management → BS Animal Science (ANS) Production Specialization

AAS Fish & Wildlife Management → BS Forestry (FOR) Wildlife Habitat Management & Conservation

AAS Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration → BS Technical Resource Management (TRM)

AAS Social Work → BS Social Work (SOCW)

ADN Nursing - BS Nursing (NUR) RN to BSN Completion

AS General → BS Accounting (ACCT) 

AS General → BS Accounting (ACCT) ONLINE

AS General → BS Agribusiness Economics (ABE)

AS General → BS Agricultural Systems & Education Agricultural Communications (AGSE)

AS General → BS Agricultural Systems and Education (AGSE)

AS General → BS Animal Science (ANS)

AS General → BS Business Analytics (BSAN) 

AS General → BS Business and Administration (BNAD) ONLINE

AS General → BS Civil Engineering (CE)

AS General → BS Computer Engineering (CEGR)

AS General → BS Crop, Soil, and Environmental Management (CSEM)

AS General → BA Economics (ECON)

AS General → BS Electrical Engineering (EE)

AS General → BS Finance (FIN)

AS General → BS Forestry (FOR)

AS General → BS Health Care Management (HCM)

AS General → BS Horticulture (HORT)

AS General → BS Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management (HTEM)

AS General → BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics (HND)

AS General → BS Management (MGMT)

AS General → BS Marketing (MKTG)

AS General → BS Mathematics (MATH)

AS General → BS Mechanical Engineering (ME)