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Transfer Articulation Agreements

Each program articulation agreement is comprised of two parts. The first part of the documentation is referred to as the formal agreement. This part of the agreement is considered a binding contract between both institutions as well as the individual programs the agreement is referencing. Authorities from both institutions have reviewed and signed this document agreeing to the terms therein.

Agreements by Community College

Degree Plan and Transfer Guide

The second part of the agreement is referred to as the degree plan. This is a very detailed review of the degree at the transferring institution and how it currently articulates to the indicated bachelor's degree at SIU Carbondale. This review is based upon current course-to-course or program-to-program articulations that are agreed upon by SIU Carbondale. Both the transferring institution as well as the SIU Carbondale program requirements are taken directly from the most current catalog from each institution. This document will be reviewed annually for changes and updates. Each institution is responsible for notifying the other institution in regard to changes to curriculum so that degree plans can be updated.

Each agreement has a corresponding Transfer Guide. These guides contain the same information as the degree plan, in a more legible format for use by community college advisors, SIU advisors, and students. 

All program articulation agreements are a guarantee of transfer equivalency as they are described in the degree plan and formal agreement.