Transfer Equivalencies

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Find out if your courses will transfer from another college or University in the United States or an international institution.

After admission to the University, students’ transfer credit is evaluated for acceptance toward University and University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements. Courses, which are remedial, developmental or pre‐college, will not be accepted for transfer.

Credit accepted for transfer not applied to UCC requirements or to a specific degree program, will be considered general elective transfer credit.

Transfer courses to be considered toward specific program requirements or departmental credit are determined by the department directing the program. Your point of contact for program requirements and transfer is your academic advisor.

Information on transferring courses from specific schools is available here. Schools not listed on the website will have their courses evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Articulation and acceptance of transfer credits can involve not only courses, but also proficiency exams, military service experience, industry certifications, and work experience in some programs.

Students who transfer to SIU Carbondale with IAI GECC Certification noted on their official transcript from an Illinois school, will have met the UCC requirements for general graduation purposes. View list of IAI GECC Courses at SIU.

Requests for substitution of courses to UCC requirements are reviewed and evaluated by the office of Articulation and Evaluation. To initiate this process your academic advisor needs to complete the Request for Substitution of UCC Form.