Nontraditional Credit

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There are a number of opportunities to receive college credit by means other than classroom attendance. Advanced Placement, IB, CLEP and DSST are examples of standardized exams that can be processed as transfer credit. A maximum of 30 hours can be received for any combination of proficiency exams and is considered non-resident credit by SIU.

High School Advanced Placement (AP) Program test scores are sent to us electronically from College Board. A minimum score of 3 is required, and in some cases a score of 4 or 5, to receive major specific credit.

College Level Exam Program (CLEP) Both general exams and a selected number of subject exams are accepted for credit at SIUC. Scores are received directly from College Board or from a previous institution with the exception of English which requires a CLEP transcript. Illinois Community College transfer students with an AA or an AS degree will receive credit for English CLEP if it is listed on their transcript as a course from that institution.

Dantes Subject Standardized Test (DSST) credits are obtained from standardized tests. Credit is allowed for scores at or above the ACE-recommended minimum.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a comprehensive and challenging two-year course of study. SIUC awards proficiency credit to students who have passed the Higher Level exam with an eligible score. 

Occupational Education Credit (259) is college level transfer credit awarded to students for their experience in the workforce. 

Credit for Military Experience is awarded on an individual basis as determined by length of service and other factors.