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DSST exams are available to anyone who is seeking college credit outside the traditional classroom, including college students, adult learners, high school students and military personnel.

For more information, please see the DSST website: getcollegecredit.com.

SIU awards proficiency credit to students who have passed DSST exams with the ACE recommended score, which is 400 for all exams. Upon receipt of the test scores, the appropriate course articulation will be awarded to the student's record. If test scores for new freshman are received after orientation/registration, the student will need to work with their academic advisor to ensure duplicate courses are not taken. DSST proficiency credit does not carry a grade, and is not used in computing the student's grade point average. SIU policy limits the amount of proficiency credit to 30 hours.

Scores listed below are for the current catalog year. To see historical data on scores from previous catalog years, click here.

Prometric transcripts may be ordered here.

Prometric transcript scores should be sent to:

Articulation & Evaluation
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Student Services Building 0251, Mailcode 4725
1263 Lincoln Drive
Carbondale, IL 62901

SIU Carbondale DSST Code: 9318

DANTES/DSST Exam Articulations
Category Exam Title Score Course Equivalent UCC Category Hours
Business Business Ethics and Society 400 ACCT 414: Business Ethics 3
Business Mathematics 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Human Resource Management 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Introduction to Business 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Computing and Information Technology (Formerly Introduction to Computing)

Test no longer offered
Management Information Systems 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Money and Banking 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Organizational Behavior 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Personal Finance 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Principles of Finance 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Principles of Supervision 400 MGMT 304: Intro to Management 3
Humanities Ethics in America 400 PHIL 104: Ethics Humanities 3
Introduction to World Religions 400 HIST 202: America's Religious Diversity Multicultural 3
Principles of Advanced English Composition 400 ENGL 102: English Composition II English Composition 3
Principles of Public Speaking 400 CMST 101: Intro to Oral Communication Speech 3
Math Fundamentals of College Algebra 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Math for Liberal Arts 400 MATH 101: Intro to Contemporary Math Math 3
Principles of Statistics 400 MATH 282: Intro to Statistics Math 3
Physical Science Astronomy 400 PHYS 103: Astronomy Physical Science 3
Health and Human Development (Formerly Here's to Your Health) 400 PH 101: Foundations of Human Health Human Health 3
Environmental Science (Formerly, Environment and Humanity:The Race to Save the Planet) 400 GEOG 100: Environmental Conversation

Social Science / Interdisciplinary*

*If student needs interdisciplinary credit, contact transferservices@siu.edu
Introduction to Geology 400 GEOL 220: The Dynamic Earth Physical Science 3
Principles of Physical Science I

Test no longer offered
Social Science A History of the Vietnam War 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Art of the Western World 400 UCC HUMANITIES OR FINE ARTS SUBSTITUTION Humanities or Fine Arts 3
Criminal Justice 400 CCJ 101: Introduction to The Criminal Justice System 3
Foundations of Education 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Fundamentals of Counseling 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
General Anthropology 400 ANTH 104: The Human Experience Social Science 3
History of the Soviet Union (Formerly, The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union) 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Introduction to Geography (Formerly, Human/Cultural Geography) 400 GEOG 103: World Geography Social Science 3
Introduction to Law Enforcement 400 CCJ 306: Policing in America 3
Lifespan Developmental Psychology 400 PSYC 250: Lifespan Development 3
Substance Abuse 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
The Civil War and Reconstruction 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Technology Ethics in Technology 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3
Technical Writing 400 GENERAL ELECTIVE 3

DSST scores were converted from 2-digit to 3-digit scores beginning in 2008. Minimum passing 2-digit scores for credit ranged from 44-49 depending upon the exam. Please contact transferservices@siu.edu with questions regarding 2-digit exam scores.

Approval to take exams does not guarantee award of credit. The ACE recommended score must be achieved before student is eligible to receive transfer credit. An official Prometric transcript is required for evaluation of credit. All information on credit by exam is subject to change without notice.

Quick facts on DSST:

  • It's not just for the military
  • Over 35 exams articulated
  • Receive credit for knowledge acquisition